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Environmental protection latent curing agent    ALT-101
Environmental protection latent curing agent    ALT-102
In addition to Water Agent          ALT-201
Active diluent        ALT-202
Methadone The The amine          ALT-301
Conventional type latent curing agent    ALT-401
Conventional type latent curing agent    ALT-402
Conventional type latent curing agent    ALT-403


Chang Deyi, new material technology co., LTD,Is the domestic professional research and development、Production、Latent curing agent series products of high-tech enterprises。Since2009Years since its founding,The company cooperates with many research institutions at home and abroad,The product mainly includes currently on the market:Environmentally friendly polyurethane series of latent curing agent,Type latent curing agent for polyurethane series,Active diluent,In addition to water and latent epoxy curing agent, etc。 Pu latent curing agent,Can completely solve by isocyanate produce carbon dioxide and water reaction,Caused the bubble problem of polyurethane products,At the same time also can solve the curing speed is slow,Mechanical properties of difficult problems,For the development of high quality polyurethane products provide a reliable guarantee。 In addition to water,Mainly used in two-component polyurethane products,Especially for the use effect of the high humidity conditions,Can eliminate the pinhole in the polyurethane products。 Latent curing agent for epoxy,Can be used to develop one-component moisture-curing epoxy product,The epoxy product has good storage stability,Room temperature curing fast,Can be in high humidity environment or underwater construction, etc。 Chang Deyi, with new material technology co., LTD“Execution、Learning ability、Innovation ability”As the core value,In order to“Quality、The good faith、Service、Win-win situation”For the brand concept,We sincerely hope that with you hand in hand to create a better tomorrow。.... [In more detail]
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