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All the pigs green industry cooperation

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Company strength

  • Gansu Qin Yue breeding baseAll the pigsThe domestic first mountain home range type base;
  • Gansu Qin Yue all the pigs,Have professionalA natural mountain with waterNatural pastoral areas。

Quality guarantee

  • Pollution-free green mountain,Natural pastureIn a variety of vegetables、The grassroots、The leaves of the tree、Branches,Feed and ginseng fruit, etc from the feed;
  • Longnan Qin YueAll the pigsFleshy nutrition value is high,Low in fat,Fresh meat thin skin is not greasy。
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  • Longnan Qin Yue all the pigsb>The base+Merchants straight for the model;
  • All the pigs high-end natural ingredientsEnsure the quality,Service and for the restaurant、Luxury hotels,Private clubs, etc。

Sufficient supply

  • Longnan Qin Yue all pig breedingLeading enterprises,Ensure the partner ingredients are plentiful;
  • Longnan Qin Yue all the pigsPositioning high-endAre exported to all over the world。

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Eat Chinese caterpillar fungusGrowth altitudeThe highest pigsTibetan Pig food quality pure green, healthy food choice!

High quality all material pure green food ,Healthy choice ingredients!

Unique living environment

01.LongnanThe natural environmentIs known as“(3) in jiangnan”Of rare animals.

There are many different kinds of longnan biological resources,Had the most wildlife species in gansu province,Such as the giant panda、Golden monkeys and so on20A variety of rare animals,In the complex terrain,Plenty of field,Provides a variety of plants and animals thrive with advantaged conditions。

02.NongdaMember of the teamAll the pig genetic breeding and breeding research base!

Longnan Qin Yue breeding baseExpert team research baseEcological farming scientific management,Ensure all pig raw。

03.The customerAll over the worldLong-term for dealers to provide quality all hogwash

Customers all over the world,And many multinational cooperation for a long time,Provide them with high qualityAll hogwash

04.StrengthNo doubtAnd longnan Qin Yue ecological farming enterprises

Longnan Qin Yue all pig breeding base,Ensure food supply,Ensure that all pigs all naturalWith the partners has established good relations of cooperation。

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Aquaculture video clipsCustomer Testimonials

All the pig breeding video

All the pig breeding video

All the pig breeding video...

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Ecological farming video appreciate all you pig

Ecological farming all pig video hin...

As is known to all,All the pig is Tibetan original lean hogs,It is a brand of Tibetan culture。Have been to Tibet,Metropolitan all pigs in point,Its delicious taste...

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All pigs video appreciation

All pigs video appreciation

The same is a pig,How to raise,What a variety,The price is a heaven,An underground。  Conventional ordinary pig feed,Pigs are market price may be only ten yuan per jin,The retail price...

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Video Qin Yue all pig

Video Qin Yue all pig

Tibetans free life also need not a pig。I in the mountains and temples,Seen wearing red ribbons and set them free of cattle and sheep,Even chickens and ducks,But have never seen a pig。Even if the sacrifice,Also see a pig,Such as the mani pile、The door...

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Understand usUnderstand us

Company profile

Company profile

Longnan Qin Yue agricultural development co., LTD. All the pigs,Another name“Ginseng pigs”,In and min county in gannan area,Arch feed fern hemp is often referred to as the reasons“Fern hemp pigs”(All pigs and fern hemp place small Tibetan pig pig belong to plateau,In weight、The growth time and growth environment exists nuance),Is he ethnoniedicinal、Yunnan province、Tibet、A peculiar and min county in gannan ancient breeds resources,Tibet's original lean pig breeds,Feed class belongs to the outside。The main origin in aba prefecture in sichuan province、, t、Shangri-la in yunnan province,Linzhi region of Tibet,Gannan and gansu…...

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All the pig breeding cost and prospects
All the pigs are a specialty of nyingchi region。Authentic all pigs for grazing on hills,Perennial food rich in wild plants and Tibetan medicine,Petite body,Nutrition...
Wild grazing all pigs have collective migration habits
Wild grazing all pigs have collective migration habits。All the pig feed、Frequent habitats to replace all the pig all the pigs (5Zhang)Depends on the food、Drinking water...
Wild grazing all pig tends to be the shelter、Xiangyang
Wild grazing all pig tends to be the shelter、Xiangyang、Dry、The rain、In the snow、Royal cream for habitats。Normally all pigs can root for nest or directly...
All you feed pigs feed a wide range of skills
All you feed pigs feed a wide range of skills。From the herb to woody,From the roots to the Ye Guo,From the ground to the underground,From the surface to land,To gather the food。Mining...
Wild grazing all pig group is very strong
Wild grazing all pig group is very strong。All pigs in walking、For their lives、For food、Drinking water、Live a group of resting all the pig a group of resting all the pigs...
“All the pigs”,Say again“Pipa meat”
“All the pigs”,Say again“Pipa meat”。Is a naxi mosuo traditional flavor food。Is rice、Naxi ethnic food, etc。Will go to the hair good pig slaughter、Bone、Inside...
All the pigs mainly aba in sichuan province、Ganzi
All the pigs mainly aba in sichuan province、Ganzi;Tibet nyingchi、Shannan、Changdu area;Diqing in yunnan province、Gannan and min county in gansu province and other places。The largest alternaria alternata...

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