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Suzhou city Jin Sanfeng goose industry co., LTD

  Suzhou city Jin Sanfeng goose industry co., LTD,Located in suzhou city 埇 bridge ZhuXianZhuang Town,Registered capital of $ten thousand。Suzhou Jin Sanfeng breeding goose industry co., LTD. Mainly kinds of goose、Hatch、Slaughter、Give priority to。My company is hatching goose seedling quality is good,The survival rate is high,Grow faster,Disease-resistant ability,Deeply the general customers,And farmers affection and letter recognition。Suzhou city Jin Sanfeng goose industry to advocate and practice“The development of ecological agriculture、Support the healthy consumption、Promote fair trade、To promote urban and rural mutual aid”The concept of action,Promote food safety,Ecological civilization and the benign interaction between urban and rural areas,The business model and social responsibility、The concept of sustainable development,Guide the city healthy consumption cooperation and rural green production cooperatives docking,By the producers and consumers directly between rural and urban areas and mutual assistance,Reassure farmers、Consumers at ease、Environmental comfort、The reconstruction of social trust and cooperation mechanism,Realize the benign development of urban and rural areas
  Companies welcome general merchants throughout the country and friends come to visit、Guidance、Business negotiations。 We will to foster healthy、For the purpose of good kind of goose,With good reputation、First-class technology,Wholeheartedly for the customer service all over the country。

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