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Company profileDongguan hong yi precision machinery co., LTD(The original HongChang)Is a35Years of manufacturing experience professional rivet factory house,The main products include brake pad machine、Corn machine、Button machine、The broken machine、Heading machine、Stationery rivet machine、HongChang machinery in Taiwan、Pneumatic riveting machine, etc。Mainly used in the luggage industry、Buggies、Footwear、Stationery industry、Auto parts、Hand tools、Hardware accessories、Leather、Furniture、Hand bag、The box,Articles for daily use, etc,High quality、High precision、Efficient、Practical product for the customer the consistent high praise,To go throughISO9001International quality system certification。

Hong yi machinery customization services,Can be designed according to the guest's products corresponding mold,After years of effort,We has become an international major rivet manufacturer and exporter...

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