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What are the washing machine new technology?
Traditional washing machine can wash only、Dehydration function,With the continuous development of new technology of washing machine,Make the function of washing machine is on the rise,By the simple to the washer“To the laundry”,To have high clarity、Low wear and tear、Healthful、Intelligent、Water-saving power-saving contour...

Company profile

Company profile
Chuzhou jinbi electronic commerce co., LTD., is many home appliance brand(air conditione、The refrigerator、The washing machine、Color TV、Of air-conditioner, and small home appliance, etc)Home appliance brand chuzhou regional distributors。The company is located in downtown east road148Number(Cotai strip across from hui spring next to the bookstore),Company is mainly engaged in household appliances market terminal sales,The township county network wholesale and municipal engineering group, etc。 ...

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