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Tencent and citic securities holdings Safe and reliable

Tencent and citic securities holdings
POSPause to brush

Team core backbone from tencent expert team,2014Received the bank payment business license,Offline merchants have already exceeded200wHome,Become a pacesetter in the field of finance。Tencent's strategic investment brush,Industrial and commercial bureau,Regular cleaning machine,Security
A few have at the same time
A nationwide bank card accept payment list and mobile licences of one of the third-party payment mechanism

Not just a product of your choice But also a brand

Do pay by heart Think you think

Do pay by heart
Brush five treasure profit channel

Now it is,The payment industry era of dividends,A piece of various large coffee all want to come in,Even Mr Ma has joined the army of payment,Foreseeable future payment industry influence,Are you still hesitating?Out late!

A:Partners can not only get their own benefits,The agent can be converted into cash earnings have,Why don't you le zai?
2:A credit card,You will make money,Put it only once,To get a lifetime earnings,Why don't you like?
3:Hand in hand to the bank for a one-way ticket business,Without joining stock can become partners,Why not quick zai?
Four:Permanent low rates0.55%,7x24Hours seconds to account,Trading,Income,Why not great?
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Record team grow up a little as well as to the technology、The exploration of ideas,At the same time we are happy to share!

Cooperative Banks

Although not all500To be strong,But I can tell you our story with a partner

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  • How about after-sales service?
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