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Qingdao dexing electric equipment manufacturing co., LTD
Address:Qingdao jimo shun xing road670Number
The phone:0532-88569658
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The mailbox:dx@luodu.net.cn
Qingdao dexing electric equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in the eastern coastal city center——Qingdao,The company set up in Qingdao“The back garden”——Jimo city industrial park,Green road from smoke、Green smoke level road、The green level road、Qingdao-yinchuan highway,Adjacent to jinan-qingdao highway,Qingdao liuting airport in close proximity,The traffic is very convenient。

The company mainly produces a few products:1、 Salivate machine、The amination furnace、Gluing machine complete set of equipment for the equipment for many years of production experience and advanced technology level,With a scientific testing means,Perfect quality management system,Excellent quality products sell well all over the country,And all the year round for customer service……[Enter the details]

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The company address:Qingdao jimo shun xing road670Number
Contact phone number:0532-88569658
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