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   My company is divided into pellet machine:Manual pellet machine,Semi-automatic pellet machine,Automatic pelletizing machine three categories。Can do water pill;Water honey pill;Small honey pill;Big honey pill;Concentrated pill wait for all sorts of pills
Desktop pellet machine 
Desktop pellet machine 
  Desktop pelletizing machine can do the honey pill,Water pill,Water honey pill,Concentrated pill, etc,Can be polished drying。Production2-5kg/h,Weighing about30kg。Factory direct sale,Price concessions,Three guarantees,Packed in wooden cases,Logistics delivery,Cash on delivery,Welcome to inquire。 ……
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pellet machineSmall pellet machineThe multifunctional pellet machine
Hand pellet machineBig honey pill machineAutomatic big honey pill machine
Automatic pellet machineWater blasting machineConstant temperature of drum wind drying oven
Small efficient coating machineSmall thin film coating machineLaboratory coating machine
Small coating machineSugar coating machineCoating machine
Water chestnut type coating machine
   Of tablet press is divided into pharmaceutical machinery factory:Single stamping machine;Impact rotary tablet press,Pressure can be all kinds of wafer、Part can press special-shaped tablets,Production4000Slice/h--100000Slice/hRange。
Small aluminum alloy tablet press 
Small aluminum alloy tablet press 
  Small aluminum alloy tablet press is diameter5-10mmThe wafer、Cylindrical tablets,Also can be compressed with words、The trademark、Design of tablets。On a pair of punching die,The weight of the tablet、Thickness and hardness are adjustable ……
Small tablet pressElectric tablet pressLaboratory tablet press
Rotary tablet pressPowder tablet pressDry powder tablet press
Powder tablet pressGranular tablet pressHigh speed rotary tablet press
The tablet pressFlower basket type tablet pressSpecial-shaped pieces of tablet press
   In pharmaceutical machinery factory mill is divided into:The blade mill;Hammer mill;Gear grinder。Is mainly used to crush the western medicine、Traditional Chinese medicine,Grinding fineness can be achieved10--200The eye。
A small Chinese medicine grinder 
A small Chinese medicine grinder 
  A small Chinese medicine grinder all made of stainless steel,The operation is simple,Small volume,Grinding fineness80The eye,No dust。Prices are low,Factory direct sale,Quality“Three guarantees”,Lifelong maintenance。 ……
Traditional Chinese medicine powder machine at a high speedHousehold small millChinese medicine grinder
Chinese herbal medicine pulverizerHammer millUniversal mill
Chinese medicine grinderStainless steel millVacuum type crushing machine
Chinese medicine slicerSlicing machine
   Cheng pharmaceutical machinery factory in filling machine:DLG10-500Small filling machine series;YG-10A/BOral liquid filling machine;GTGPaste filling machine;ZG-400Eye drops filling sealing machine
Small filling machine 
Small filling machine 
  Suitable for ampoules、Oral liquid、Schering bottles、Large infusion、Plastic bottles and other liquid filling。The machine electric piston、Filling quantity0.2-10mlIs adjustable,Filling speed is adjustable,Accurate measurement,15The bottle/Points,The price is materially beneficial,Factory direct sale。Three guarantees。 ……
Liquid filling machineElectric filling machineQuantitative filling machine
Oral liquid filling machineOral liquid filling machinePaste filling machine
Small ampoule drawing filling and sealing machineWater filling machineManual filling machine
Eye drops filling machineThe bottle washing machineUltrasonic bottle washing machine
Marking machineThe ampoule drawing filling and sealing machine
   Of medicine machine, rolling machine:DZGSeries rolling machine;SXJSeries electric screw cap machine;ZGQCover clamp series rolling;Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine。Schering bottles can be rolled、Oral liquid bottle、Large infusion bottle,Sealed plastic bottles, etc
The ampoule bottle sealing machine 
The ampoule bottle sealing machine 
  Apply to1-20mlThe ampoule bottle sealing,By the control box and sealing machine,The flame、Drawing smooth,Sealing height is adjustable,Speed is fast,15Branch/Points,The price is materially beneficial,Factory direct sale,Three guarantees。 ……
Screw cap machineSmall rolling machineElectric rolling machine
Electromagnetic induction sealing machineAluminum foil sealing machinePlastic sealing machine
Gland pliers
   Capsule machine is mainly divided into:JCTCapsule filling machine series;JNBCapsule suit board series;HPJCapsule polishing machine;DPTLu: su packing machine。Can satisfy the individual clinics、Small health products factory of capsule filling、Packaging needs。
Capsule filling machine 
Capsule filling machine 
  Capsule filling machine can produce per hour10000-15000Grains,Is the pharmaceutical industry dedicated capsule filling equipment,Factory direct sale,Price concessions,Three guarantees,One year warranty,Lifelong maintenance,Packed in wooden cases,Logistics delivery,Cash on delivery,Welcome to inquire。 ……
Capsule filling machineCapsule filling machineManual capsule plate
Semi-automatic capsule plateThe number of particle boardAutomatic capsule polishing machine
Aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine
   Tisanes machine is mainly used to decoction of TCM,In order to meet the current needs,In medicine machine automatic tisanes machine is divided into:ZG-280Tisanes packaging machine,JY-40High pressure tisanes machine,Can satisfy the need of users。
The new type of duplex tisanes machine 
The new type of duplex tisanes machine 
  Duplex TCM tisanes machine applicable to the hospital、The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine clinic、The pharmacy、Pharmacy, etc。This machine can be two cylinder Fried together,Can also be single cylinder tisanes,A pan frying2-10Pay for medicine,High heat、Soft fire automatic conversion。 ……
Chinese medicine tisanes machineTisanes machineBoil medicine machine
High pressure Chinese medicine tisanes machine
   In order to meet the small pharmaceutical factory、The hospital、Food factory for accurate measurement of the product,In the medicine machine is developed:PWSNumber of single plate machine series,The machine number accurately,The noise is small,The price is cheap。
A small number of machine 
A small number of machine 
  A small number of machine is suitable for the pharmaceuticals、The hospital、Food and other industries,The capsule、Tablets、Counting particles, such as medicine or food。 ……
Capsule capsule counting machineCapsule counting machine
   The mixer of the sincere medicine machine can be divided into:CHSeries of channel mixer;VHSeriesVForm of a mixer。Trough mixing machine is mainly used for mixing wet material,VType mixing machine is mainly used for mixing dry powder。
Small mixer 
Small mixer 
  Applicable to the flour,Cereal,Fertilizer,Animal feed,A mixture of veterinary drugs, such as the viscosity of the material,Mixing time is short,High uniformity,A novel、Efficient、Energy saving、Unique performance, etc。 ……
Wet powder mixing machineWet powder mixing machineWet mixing machine
Single oar mixerPowder mixing machineDry powder mixing machine
VEfficient mixing machineVTraditional Chinese medicine (TCM) mixerVType mixer
Powder mixing machine
   Cheng pharmaceutical machinery factory in granulating machine mainly through the scraper360Degrees from side to side,Squeeze the viscous material granules。Pellet machine is mainly used to granule、ZWhole grains.
Small particles machine 
Small particles machine 
  Small particles machine applicable to the pharmaceutical、Chemical industry、Food and other industrial manufacturing various specifications of the particles。The machine in the production of particles can be used in the infusion of packaging、Capsule production,Tablet production, etc。 ……
Pellet machineSwing type pellet machineThe bullet suppository
Die suppositoriesThe bullet shaped die suppositoriesBolt model
Torpedo shaped die suppositoriesDuck bill suppositoryDuck bill suppository
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