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Qingzhou xingfa slot machines log entry is polluting plastics industry backbone enterprises in shandong province,Was built in2006Years。The main production of agricultural greenhouse film、Grouting membrane、Watermelon membrane、Dripping membrane、Multi-functional films、MAO metal film、GroutingEVAMembrane、Plastic mulching films、PE agricultural film、The purple membrane、Rice film such as all kinds of high quality plastic film,Cover an area of an area6800Square meters,With more than 10 professional production line,Annual production capacity of ten thousand tons,Production of various kinds“Rich light brand”Agricultural films(Specifications2-12M),Widely used in solar greenhouse、Agriculture facilities horticulture vegetable greenhouses and spring tunnel, etc。Our factory with excellent product quality and good reputation,Farmers in the local and surrounding areas of high reputation,A run、Lip river river green CARDS became the industry's leading brands and well-known products。At present,Our factory can be born

Qualification and3CFire certification
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